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To provide professional service tailored to the
customer’s needs

ASEPER seeks to provide solutions to various problems faced by companies and professionals in the course of their work, in the field of insurance (asset valuation, risk inspections and loss adjustment) and elsewhere, providing support in risk management through the drawing up of specific contingency plans tailored to the customer’s needs, carrying out environmental risk assessments, determining and planning the best possible way of moving firms out of premises (usually as a result of expropriation), submitting technical rulings in legal matters,
processing and assessing the suitability of claims received, assessing efficiency and performance commitments, taking part in liquidation processes, etc. In short we seek to do the following: To provide professional service tailored to the customer’s needs.
Industrial firms, professionals, Brokers and insurance companies.
National and International.
  • 30/04/2011
    Addvalora Global have opened an office in London with the aim of providing a better service and one that is closer to the insurance and reinsurance market, headed by Hakan Ileri and Jozef Hara Levi.
  • 30/04/2011
    Addvalora Global have signed collaboration agreements with two major Latin American loss adjuster firms, in order to assist Peru (through WMOELLER V.T & Associates), Chile (through MCM Ajustadores de Seguros) and Ecuador (through Paul Reyes y Asociados).